Accessory Description




Expandable zipper

Expandable zipper located in bottom section of bag


Unzipped when more space is required.

Normal capacity: 399L


Capacity when expandable zipper opened: 549 L

Aluminium Base Structure and PU board side beams


PU Board interior side beams (only applicable with the Forris Blue addition)

These Forris Blue addition bags also include 4 PU board side panels. These panels are installed by inserting the pieces into the PU Board side sleeves. Simply run the PU panels inside the PU sleeve locate on the inside of the bag. Connect the opposite Velcro pieces to each other to create a full frame. If a flexible bag structure is required, simply remove the PU board beams. 



Light weight rigid aluminium beams inserted in base of bag

The beams are inserted into the sleeve to create a flat and rigid surface.

Vertical beams are present in the base of the bag when flat base surface is required, when used with conventional roof rack or inflatable roof rack.


Beams can be removed if required when bag will be placed directly on the car’s roof and a soft flexible surface is required.


Consideration for removing the beams:


  •  Contour of car roof: If the car’s roof is extremely curved / beveled it is recommended that beams be removed  prior to placing directly onto the roof surface to assure even weight distribution over the surface
  • Strength and rigidness of the car's: Refer to car’s owners Manuel to determine whether the roof is rigid enough.


The roof rigidness can be tested by pressing down lightlyon the centre and outer edges of the roof with your hand to see how much pressure makes the roof flex.


The bag can also be placed on the roof directly and then packed to see whether the roof flexes or stays rigid.


When traveling on gravel, unpaved roads and uneven surfaces the car’s roof will have a bigger tendency to flex when using the roof bag without the beams and when carrying heavier loads.


Water / Moisture impact

Water resistant


The bag is designed to be water resistant.


Depending of the severity of the rain some water may enter the bag.


Considerations: When the car is in a stationary position the water résistance will be more compromised compared to when the car is in motion.


The air flow around the moving car helps dissipate the water intrusion.


For extra peace of mind and assurance goods can be packed in plastic bags to prevent any damp and wetness.

Anchoring points

Multiple strapping points are located on the bag to simplify and diversify mounting options.


10 strapping points


3 strapping points on either side of bag

2 strapping points on front and back


The metal d-rings can also be used for anchoring / strapping purposes

Scratch resistance on base of roof bag

A non-scratch under fleece surface is embedded into the base roof bag


When bag is placed directly onto roof the fleece surface will prevent it from scratching the roof.


Considerations: Make sure the roof surface whereupon the roof bag will be placed is clean and free from any dirt or other material.





Carry bag

A handy carry bag for storage and traveling is included with the roof bag


Size of carry bag:

142cm  (L)  x 32 cm (W) x 32 cm (H)


The carry bag is designed for storing the bag and the aluminium beams when not in use.

The carry bag can easily be stored in a closet or in a garage when not in use

The carry bag is ideal for traveling and carry on purposes.



Make sure the bag is never stored while still wet or moist


Take precautionary steps to safeguard against bugs when the bag is stored for extended periodes.

Zipper secure

Velcro strap


The zipper consists of a two part system that closes together.


Zipper is secure via velcro strap to prevent zipper from opening and flapping when in motion

Zipper water flap

Water flap present around zipper area.


Zipper flap prevents water from leaking through zip. Located on the sides and back of the bag

Anti Theft Mechanism

Three protection system



Bag Lockable



Vibration Alarm


D-Ring harnessing /

Locking position





Zips can be locked



Alarm that triggers when vibration is detected. Can be switched on and off using remote control


The entire bag can also be secured and locked to a conventional roof rack or frame of car.



The two individual zippers can be locked when zip is closed.


The vibration alarm is an option with each package and it adds as an additional deterrent against theft or tampering with bag when user is away from the car and roof bag.


The vibration alarm consists or two parts. The alarm sensor itself, and remote control for easy operation.


The vibration sensor is inserted into the bag when cargo is packed. For increased sensitivity it is advised that the alarm be placed close to the outer side of the bag (close to the outer layer of the bag )


The vibration alarm must be switched on and when placed in the bag. The alarm can then be activated using the remote control when the bag is left unattended.


The alarm will trigger when vibration is sensed  (± 120 desibels)


The roof bag can be secured to the car using the metal d-rings that is stitched to the frame of the bag.




A metal chain or steel cable can be purchased and then used for additional protection to secure the roof bag to a conventional roof rack by running the cable / chain from the d-rings present on either sides of the bag.


If the bag is used in conjunction with the inflatable roof rack or placed directly on the car's roof the chain / cable can run through the d-rings and then through the two opposite windows of the car when the car is in a stationary position, not under supervision or guard of the user of the car for longer time periods.


The D-rings and lockable zipper is only a theft precautionary measure and the bag should not be left unattended for extended periods or indefinitely.



4 Harnessing Straps included


Straps can be added on preferred strapping points of the bag and roof rack depending on specific layout and harnessing points.


There are 10 strapping points present on the bag. The best strapping points to be used will be at the discretion of the user.




It is advised that the strapping points closes to the roof rack harnessing point be used.


Its advised that the bag be secured by using all 4 the straps.


It is advised that straps be checked regularly throughout the trip to assure that bag is safely and secured.



3 handles on each side

2 handles on front and back


10 Conveniently placed handles are provided for easy carrying of the bag.


When the bag has been preloaded it is strongly advised that the bag be loaded and carried using the handles alone. The rest of the structure of the bag was not designed for weight bearing purposes and the handles have been reinforced to the structure of the bag


Don't grab or take hold of the bag on any other place on the bag to prevent bag form tearing when heavily loaded.


To ease the loading process when the bag has been pre-loaded it is advised that al least 2 people assist in loading the bag onto the car

Aerodynamic design


Bags are aerodynamically  designed to minimize wind drag and resistance

The bag is designed in such a way to decrease wind resistance and drag.


The zipper is only located on the sided and back of the bag.


The zipper should never face to the front of the car.


Depending on cargo load the expandable zipper can be opened or left closed.


In the instance where the expandable zipper is open to allow for more space wind resistance will increase and also fuel consumption.




If the bag is not fully loaded adjust the straps on the sides to decrease the height of the bag.


Close the expandable zipper when additional space is not required.


Always pack the bag in such a way to make use of the aerodynamic deign by keeping the outer layers smooth and flush.

User friendly

Can be installed and packed by one person


The bag is designed to be user friendly, easy to operate and utilize. The bag is also small and light enough to use when travel or carry on and then use in conjunction with a rental or other car


Can be used on different vehicles and don’t require special modification


The roof bag  can basically be used in conjunction with any kind of vehicle. In the instance where the cars roof is not rigid enough to enable the user use it directly on the roof surface - a roof rack or rails can be added to make it operational.