Forris Roof Cargo Bag

There are two options available.
Option one:
Forris Roof Cargo Bag: 600 Denier (Black) Polyster backing
Includes Roof bag, Aluminium base beams and carry bag.
Additional options or available in packages:
- Rain Cover
- Wireless Vibration alarm
Option two:

(SOLD OUT!!!!)

Forris Roof Cargo Bag: 1000 Denier (Black and Blue) Polyster backing
This bag also has an internal PU board structure that imporoves and keep the shape of the bag. 
The 1000 Denier bag has a thicker fabric.
Includes: Roof bag, Aluminium base beams, carry bag and pu baord pannels (Pu Board pannels are removable)
Additional options or packages available:
- Rain cover
- Wireless Vibration Alarm
Bothe bags further have following feastures:
- Metal D-rings and other harness buckles
- Soft fur fleece base membrane
- Lockable zipper (Simular to laptop bag zipper)
- Expanbale zipper in base (to increase the size of the bag)

Watch a Quick Informative Video About the Forris Roof Cargo Bag

Black and Blue Introduction Video