Product Description

Roof Cargo Bag

The Forris roof cargo bag is a soft aerodynamic cargo container that is universal and user-friendly and a great alternative or additional transport option that will make your life much easier when traveling or on tour..


The Roof Bag is ideal for almost all kind of cars, 4x4's, SUVs’ etc with the exception of convertibles. Depending on the rigidness of the particular vehicle the roof rack can either be placed directly onto the roof of the vehicle or can be used in conjunction with a conventional roof rack, inflatable roof rack or roof rails.


Please note when user intend to use the roof bag directly on the roof of the car without making use of a conventional, factory fitted roof rack, inflatable roof rack or side rails the user need to obtain additional tie downs, ratchets or harnessing ropes from a hardware or outdoor store to enable them to attach the bag to the roof of the car. The 4 harnessing straps included with the roof cargo bag was designed and intended to be used to harness the roof cargo bag to a roof rack or roof rails. The 4 straps will not be able to attach the roof cargo bag to the car itself. Its strongly advised that the user only attempt to use the roof cargo bag directly on the roof surface when the rigidness of the particular cars roof justifies it. In most instances its advised to use the roof cargo bag in conjunction with a roof rack or roof rails to avoid possible damage to the car or bag.


For those who are concerned about scratching your roof surface, rest assure - while developing the bag we specifically catered and made provision for a non scratch fleece surface embedded on the bottom of the roof bag. This is particularly handy when bag is placed directly onto the roof surface without utilizing any assortment of roof rack apparel. Special care should however still be taken when placing the bag on the roof to make sure its free from any dirt, debris or obstacles.


When utilizing the roof bag with a roof rack it is advised that the  aluminum beams  (included with each bag) be inserted into the bottom of the bag's sleeve to enable the bag to be suspended on the roof rack. The aluminium flat form create a sturdy and rigid base for loading heavier items and also create a bigger displacement area for distributing the weight of the content of the bag. The bags should however never be overloaded with more that 70kg of cargo weight. The owner manual of each car or dealership must be consulted to determine or establishing weight limit of particular car.


The Roof Bag is water resistant and will withstand most weather conditions and prevent cargo from getting wet. The Roof Bag also has a storm weather flap that prevents water from seeping through the zipper. For extra peace of mind it is advised to pack cargo in plastic bags to avoid any possible damp or wetness.


Each bag has a built in expandable zipper located in base of the bag which gives the user the option of increasing or decreasing the size of the bag in the instance where more or less space is required.


The aspect that gives the bag a winner characteristic is the fact that the entire bag can be transported or stored in its handy carry bag. When the bag is not in use it can easily be stored in a closet or out of the way without taking up too much space.


One of the great opportunities the bag offers is to use the roof bag when traveling and use it in conjunction with a rental car along with the inflatable roof rack. This enables the user to rent a smaller cheaper vehicle with  less luggage capacity and still be able to convey the goods rather than following the more expensive route of hiring a car which offers more cargo space. Own discretion should be exercised and care should be taken to make sure no damage is caused to the rental company's vehicle.


Since the roof bag is made from fabric, nylon and PVC and is not exactly a coat or amour we paid extra attention to minimize and mitigate the security risk. To solve the security predicament we decided on a 3 part theft prevention system namely: Lockable bag zippers, metals D-rings mounting locking points on the bag and lastly as an additional option the bag comes with a wireless vibration alarm that is triggered when vibration is sensed. The vibration alarm will sound at 120 decibels and also comes with its own remote control for easy management and arming and disarming it when car is in a stationary position and left unattended. (Place vibration alarm in a plastic or zip lock bag to prevent alarm from getting wet or damp when placed in the roof cargo bag.)