Vibration Alarm



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Alarm In Forris Roof Cargo Bag Demonstration


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Sleep well at night or relax when you are away from your home, car, and other valuable belongings by installing this vibration sensor that guards against burglary. 

This sensor can detect any slight vibration and movement within a few meters away and it automatically produces a 110 decibel warning sound that is sure to catch the attention of anyone nearby.


The vibration alarm can be inserted into your valuable belongings such as your handbag, camera bag, security gate, door, save or other medium which you would like to monitor without permanently observing it with vultures eyes. The Vibration alarm also have a built in magnet in the back of casing that will allow you to attach the alarm to metal surfaces.


Now you can sit back and relax while the wireless vibration alarm does the observation for you.


The unit is extremely user friendly since it is armed and disarmed using a remote control. Simply press the red lock bottom when you are ready to arm the unit. (The unit will make one distinctive beep) To disarm the unit press the grey unlock bottom. A unit will make two distinctive beeps)


The Alarm can be attach to non metal surfaces or obstacle by attaching double sided tape or Velcro to the alarm unit.



·          Wireless Vibration Alarm with Remote Control

·          Vibration alarm when it senses vibration, shaking, striking and moving

·          Guard against thefts in house, cars, handbag and other mediums

·          Over 110dB warning sound

·          Continuous warning time: 40 seconds

·          Red LED setting status indicator

·          Power On/Off switch

·          Remote control with armed/disarm buttons

·          Remote control distance: up to 20 meters

·          Easy installation and use

·          Powered by 1 x 9V battery (not included)

·          Net weight: 0.084kg

·          Built In Magnet at Back of Alarm

·          Unit size: 8.9x5.5x2.9cm

·          In retail packaging