Do you live in a small apartment, commune and don’t have an abundance of space or just need a workstation in the garage without limiting parking space...


Who said you cant have your cake and eat it...


Depending on the specific setup you require you can either obtain one of the following combination units:


Folding Table Painting


Need some temporary table space...You Can easily, quickly and neatly disguise the folding table in the form of a Painting or Mirror and unfold the table surface when you need a work surface etc.

Open and close table surface in a matter of seconds




Folding Table Painting Bookshelf


If you need some additional packing space or a cabinet for storing your office equipment, kitchen or Garage apparel. On the painting side the picture can either be changes by adding a mirror, calendar or simply remove the picture and use the board as a white board for making notes, sketches or quick calculations.


There are two different options when it comes to the bookshelf version.


Garage / Study or Kitchen Verison


The Garage version width is smaller than the Study version

Garage Version 270 mm bookshelf width / 210 mm shelf

Study / Kitchen Version 310 mm Bookshelf / 280 mm shelf


The Garage version also comes with the following additions:

swivel tool holder with accessory space on either side

6 x Screw etc Holders

Additional tool space against Primary Support beam


Example of Garage Version



Example of Study and Kitchen Verion