Mission Statement


Our main goal is to provide quality products and services directly to the general public with excellent customer orientated services at lower and sensible prices. We believe there are too many unnecessary middlemen in the average supply chain from the manufacturing process to the end user thus our mission is to eliminate further loaded fees and charges allowing the customer’s wallet to take a well deserved breather.


We have utilized our skills, knowledge and experience to explore the current market conditions and supply chains around the globe to bring the product to your proverbial doorstep.


Since we are a online based store you have the luxury to search and explore our databases online for products in the convenience of your own home 24/7 allowing you to do your shopping at your own leisure.


We at The Happy Shopper believe that the client deserves piece of mind from hidden cost and agenda’s and we strive to give our customers guidance and transparency throughout his or hers shopping experience with us.