Product Description



The Inflatable Roof Rack


This sturdy and heavy duty nylon roof rack is a easy and universal multipurpose system that can easily be installed by all the members of the family and compatible with on most kind of vehicles ranging from small fuel savers all the way to your executive sedans, 4x4’s  and SUV’s.

This is a great solution for transporting cargo or odd obstacles that never seem to fit into the car.


Its perfect to use during holidays and for those who enjoy the outdoor life, adventure sports and travelling since it will allow you to transport your favorite equipment just cant leave behind.

It is designed to be a temporary solution for transporting leisure equipment, holiday luggage or simply a piece of flat pack furniture. One of the best qualities of the inflatable roof rack it the universal property which allow you to use it on a variety of different vehicles. Its also practical in the sense that you are not forced to drive with the roof rack permanently and it can easily and quickly be removed until the next engagement or occasion where the need arise.


The system consist of two or three individual units which have 2 individual inflatable compartments each. The system can be installed in a matter of minutes whether its in preparation for a long haul for vacation purposes or whether its only for those short strips to the hardware store to transport that odd object you never seem to get to fit inside the car.


Each unit comes with a small inflation pump that enables you to inflate or top up the air inside the unit while places on the top of the cars roof surface. The unit can however also be inflated using your mouth.


Please take note that while the system is still new the inflation using the hand pump might take longer due to the fact that the materials still need to stretch. After the unit has been used a couple of times air inflation will go faster.


When traveling long distance or hours we advise that you check the pressure inside the compartments on a regular basis to assure that there is sufficient air inside and that the cargo is not pressing directly on the roof surface itself. When traveling from the coast to the Highveld or reverse its especially important to check the pressure inside since the difference in air pressure can have a big affect on stiffness.


When inflating the roof racks and placing them on the roof surface its important to take into consideration that some vehicles have a more rounded contour that other cars. Its important that the weight displacement be shared equally over all two / three units (4 /6 inflated tubes) and in the instance where the cars contour is more rounded in the middel the situation can be rectified by deflating the middel units less than those situated in front and back of it.




-          Fit easily and effortlessly (most 3, 4 and 5 door cars and hatches)

-          Load weight of 60 - 65 kg’s for 2 set unit / Load weight of 80 - 85 Kg's for 3 set unit

-          Manufactured from strong Nylon and PVC

-          Its easy storable in the boot when not in use (use it whenever required and then return to boot)

-          Its great for traveling purposes to use in conjunction with rental cars

- Universal and usable on variety of cars

- Much Cheaper than Factory Fitted Roof Racks