To Utilize Table / Shelve Space


Step 1: Open Clip buckle

Step 2: Fold painting into table surface.

Step 3: Open Legs of Table (outside of picture frame)

Step 4: Connect the leg brace into place after aligning legs and table surface at a 90 degree angle.


To Close


Step 1 Unclip Leg support brace one both legs

Step 2 Fold table surface back against Wall / Bookshelf (depending on specific setup)

Step 3 Use bracket and secure

Step 4 Press legs to backside of surface (outside of frame into aligned position)


Bookshelf Shelves Setup


The Bookshelves can be changed to different heighs and speciciation accardingt oo preference.


Step 1: Remove shelves

Step 2: Remove plastic shelve fittings

Step 3: Re-insert plastic plug fitting into new plug hole

Step 4: Reinsert Shelve on  newly inserted plug


Cable Plug Fitting


Each unit comes with a removable plug fitting that enables you to utilize wire or cables inside the unit.

The plug can simply and easily be removed to insert cables or wires. In the instance where no wires will be used the plug can se simply be reinserted and conceal the plug hole.



The Garage version Info


Each unit comes with a folding accessory tool unit that enables the user to store a variety of tool on either side

On the top support beam there is also additional tool storage space by utilizing the nail setup.


Nail or Fitting Storage


Underneath one of the shelves there are 6 different plastic containers that enable the user to store nails, or other fittings.

The Plastic container can easily be remove by holding the lid with one hand and unscrewing the container with the other.


How to change Picture.

The picture can easily be changed in a matter of minutes and don’t require any special tools.


Step 1: Fold Table into storage position either against wall or bookshelf

Step 2: Make sure Table is secure or locked to prevent surface from opening.

Step 3: Simply use a star screwdriver and unscrew the 2 screws located on the side of the frame

Step 4: Open and leg next to panel where the screws were removed. Fold and leg upward and remove side panel.

Step 5: Remove Glass partition by pulling it toward you. (Be very careful not break glass since it is very fragile.

Step 6: Remove White Painting cover by pulling back on it. The back side of the cover is attached via double sided velcro.

Step 7: Remove old Picture by eliminate tape.

Step 8: Make sure new picture is cut according to required dimensions. Attach new picture using new sticky tape on outer edges

Step 9: Re-attach Velcro cover to opposite velcro located on back of board.

Step 10. Re-insert Glass Partition

Step 11: Slide removable wooden panel back into position.

Step 12: Reinsert screws and tighten accordingly.


To Replace picture with mirror:


Follow steps 1-6

Insert new mirror into frame (Make sure the thickness is not bigger than 3 MM)

Repeat steps 11 and 12


Using the board as a writing board:


Follow steps 1-6

Remove velcro tape still attach to back of board

Repeat Step 11 and 12


Please make sure when writing on the board or table surface to only use a whiteboard marker to enable you to remove writing easily afterwards.


After the writing board / table surface have been used for writing for extended periods in some instances all the writing / graphs will still be visible after it was cleaned. Ghost writing will still be visible.


Ghost Writing:


To remove ghost writing obtain some spirits and use a cloth wipe over surface area...Should remove ghost writing.

Always wipe the surface with clean water damp cloth after applying spirits or any other mineral turpentine to ensure longevity of surface area.